Drink it in my friends……

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Where are you now?  Stop.  Breathe in. Breathe out slowly. Pause. Drink in the creative energy of this moment.



There is sunlight in the mountains today.  The morning is crisp and clear as untrammelled thought.  Against the sky, the trees raise crooked fingers in praise. 

To be here is to be affected, made more.  Filled. 

The creative energy of the universe.  Drink it in, my friends.

Richard Wagamese


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11 thoughts on “Drink it in my friends……

  1. I am far from the mountains. But I do find a crisp clear morning today. Decided to take a few minutes break from my busy working day to compose a reply to your post. Because this will make me visualize some distant mountain on which sunlight is falling, lush green trees reaching up and trying to touch the sky…..can these thoughts, these visualizations help me tap into the source of creative energy of the universe that is always present around us in abundance? Can it bring a shift in my way of dealing with today’s challenges?

    1. A beautiful and creative way of responding to this post and this moment! When you practice this each day, you will definitely feel the difference 👏😀

  2. Hey Karen!
    Just wanted to touch in. Beautiful post. Amazing how one breath in and out brings us back to center. I love that!

    My cousin recently moved from New Zealand to Australia. They live in the Glass House Mountains. Have you been there?

    I hope you are well and happy. I’m not back to blogging yet, but hope to be back soon. I miss my friends here. I miss you!
    Much love Karen,

    1. Hi Mary!
      So lovely to hear from you. I have been wondering how you have been and I am so glad to hear you will be back blogging soon, as you offer such a beautiful space here on WordPress. The glass house mountains are about 1hr north by car from me!! So very close. They are absolutely beautiful and I’m sure your cousin will love living there. I look forward to connecting with you soon Mary 💕💚 xxx

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