Return to the Source

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Returning to the source is stillness, which is the way of nature.  The way of nature is unchanging.  Knowing constancy is insight.   – Laozi

Photo: Lololima Cascades – Vanuatu


After being in the beauty of nature in Vanuatu, I came home with a renewed sense of purpose and a heightened awareness of the gift she is to me.

Never miss an opportunity to sit beside her, wherever you are in the world.  Any aspect of our true self that has been disconnected over the years, will be healed just from sitting in stillness on her land.

Mother Earth will re-connect these lost aspects of ourselves and will always lead us back to the truth and into the oneness of everything.

‘When I am still in nature.  I become a mirror of nature within.  With practice, I become her peace and her gentle wind.  I become deeply grounded like the roots in her trees.  I become the warmth and the golden light of her sun.  I become the ebb and the flow of her river.  And over time, I become the expansiveness of her stars and her sky.  In this space I will always remember who I am.’


23 thoughts on “Return to the Source

  1. “When I am still with nature….” Yes. Beautiful Karen, as is the rest of it. So reminds me of:

    I cannot describe the air to you. It is like no other air. Our language was not designed to distinguish differences in air; it runs the risk of a meaningless lyricism or inexact metaphors—so I will not write of it in terms of wine or crystal, though both those things came into my mind. I have breathed the air of Mont Blanc—a chill light clean air that comes off the remote glaciers and has the purity of those snows, touched with the resin of pine and the hay of the high meadows. Thin air, as Shakespeare said, the air of vanishing things and refinements beyond apprehension by our senses. This Yorkshire air, the moorland air, that is, has no such glassy chill—it is all alive, on the move, like the waters that thread their way through the heath, as it does with them. It is visible air—you see it run in rivers and lines over the shoulders of bald stones—you see it rise in aery fountains and tremble over the heath when it is hot. And the scent of it—sharp, unforgettable—clean rain tossed and the ghost of ancient woodsmoke—and the cold clearness of brook water—and something fine and subtle all of its own—oh, I cannot describe this air, it expands a man’s mind in his head, I do believe, and gives him extra senses he knows nothing of, before coming on these heights and ranges…


    1. Beautiful and that’s why we are not supposed to describe any of it …because that takes us straight into our mind. It’s only how nature makes us feel deeply, good,bad or indifferent. That’s the only sense that counts in the end. 🙏🏻

  2. Karen, yes yes! One of my favorite healing places to go is outdoors. Just yesterday I was hiking in the area called the Garden of the Gods trying to soak in the healing that our local Ute Indians found in this area. Today we have a mini blizzard, so nature will have to be an indoor experience. Love your closing words, I am going to share those with my yoga class when I next teach! Love to you.

    1. ‘Garden of he Gods’! Sounds like a beautiful space to be in Heather! I’m so glad you are a part of this gift and sharing it with others just keeps growing it. Thank you lovely friend ✨💕💚

    1. It isn’t easy Eliza. I remember being in New Zealand a couple of years ago skiing and it certainly takes an effort. But the studies show when we are visualizing ourselves grounding outside, the brain believes it is physically there. So lots of visualizing my friend!! 🌾🌿 😎

  3. Karen, a healing message and an important reminder for us to spend time outside each day. I especially like these lines, “Never miss an opportunity to sit beside her, wherever you are in the world.” Heading outside for a walk in the fog.
    Be well.

  4. I promised myself I’d walk barefoot more on the grass this summer . . . something about feeling the earth beneath me so tangibly. The connection. Perhaps I will do this only in my backyard, where I know I use natural lawncare:). Lovely post and lovely reminder–thank you!

    1. That is perfect Kristine. 10-15mins a day sitting on the grass creates such a difference within. Grounding now has the support of science too. It physically changes our health. Happy grounding 🙏🏻🌿

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