Visit the Space within…..

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“Do you make regular visits to yourself?”  RUMI



“I recently learned of the work of Les Fehmi, a psychologist and researcher who for decades has been clinically documenting the profound healing that arises from “resting in open awareness.” 

Experimenting with student volunteers, Fehmi tracked their EEG readings as they visualized peaceful landscapes, listened to music, watched colored lights, or inhaled various essential oils.  But it was only after he posed the question, “Can you imagine the space between your eyes?”  that their alpha wave levels truly soared.

He posed another question, “Can you imagine the space between your ears?”  The subjects alpha waves spiked again.  Fehmi named this term, “Open Focused Attention.” The key was inviting attention to space (or stillness or silence in timelessness) and shifting to a non- objective focus.

In contrast, open-focused attention rests the brain.  With a sustained pause from processing information from memories, plans, and constant thoughts about self, our brain waves slow down into synchronous alpha.  Our muscles relax, stress hormone levels are lowered, blood flow is redistributed.”

True Refuge – Tara Brach PH.D.


We can practice this effect when sitting quietly and looking at the blue sky; in the silence before a sunrise; in the pause and stillness after a snowfall, or staring at the starlit night sky; or visualizing and focusing on the space within every part of our body. 

When we practice this regularly, we learn to resonate with such moments because they connect us with the most intimate sense of who we are, and the infinite space within and around us.

22 thoughts on “Visit the Space within…..

  1. The right hemisphere, our creative expansive side is limitless.

    Th right hemisphere is the Pacific Ocean, the cognitive, left side, a beach ball.

    If you sit quietly, calming and slowing the breath, you may hear a symphony playing inside your head.

  2. Lovely Karen, thank you for sharing. I am going to explore this more, however I do try when practicing yoga and running to be no where, using my drishti, even if it is just for a few seconds. As always, blessings and love my dear.

  3. I’m not always good about doing this on my own, but have been trying to use the Sacred Acoustics app soundtracks to create that space. So far, so good! Here’s to continuing in 2019 . . .

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