Welcome Everyone

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“Home is where our story begins…”

“Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams.”


One day as a young man was leaving home, an awful argument erupted with his parents. They all spoke horrible words to one another and the son left without saying goodbye.

He was gone for many years and even spent time in jail, having no contact with his parents. When he was finally released from prison, he wondered whether his mother and father were even alive, or whether they were still angry and ashamed of him.

He wrote to them and told them he would be coming home on a specific day the following week. He said if they wanted to see him and were not angry at him anymore, they should leave a blanket on the clothes line as a sign they would see him and if there wasn’t, he would know to turn back.

He arrived by rail the next week, he was nervous as he stepped off the train. There was no one there to meet him.  As he walked up the worn path towards his home, he thought about the past and his time in jail.  He thought about the horrible words they said to each other before he left and wondered how his parents had been.

He was just about to turn around and go back, when he saw a blanket in the tree, as he kept walking he saw another blanket ahead and then, as he turned towards home, he saw his home covered in blankets; the yard was covered in blankets; the clothes line was covered in blankets; and at the front of his home were his parents, waiting for him.

During this time of year we are obligated to see family and friends we may not have seen for sometime and although this can be difficult for many reasons, this is also an opportunity to see the stories and the unforgiveness we carry within, and how this separates and imprisons us from those around us.

May we all find a way to loosen the grip on the stories we hold onto, and find a blanket or two in our home, to welcome those we have forgotten.

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27 thoughts on “Welcome Everyone

  1. So easy to say things in the heat of the moment that we would later do anything to retract, isn’t it? But forgiveness is a powerful thing. Sending love and peaceful thoughts streaming your way in this season of gratitude and reflection. Xox, l

  2. Such a beautiful story. A wonderful homecoming for a seemingly wayward soul. We all deserve forgiveness, unconditional love and the embrace of those whose care about us. Sending blessings for a lovely holiday season, dear Karen. 💕

  3. I’m gleefully heading to sunny Florida for Christmas to visit family, including a not always pleasant aunt. While it’s too warm to bring a blanket with me, metaphorically I will cast it invisibly. Nice story, Karen.

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