Seven Sacred Laws

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Often I read how people feel overwhelmed and uncertain how they can make a difference in a world, that seems to have lost its deep connection to the truth.  I thought the story below was a beautiful reminder how we can create change within and around us.


A young boy was troubled by what he saw in the world. He saw how humans were not taking care of the land or each other.  Concerned about climate change, wars, violence and hatred, he decided to approach his Grandfather and ask him how he could bring about change in the world.

His Grandfather was very pleased to hear about his grandson’s desire to help create change and told his grandson that the question he asked could only be answered by going on a vision quest.  He told him that a vision quest was a rite of passage to help him understand his purpose in life.

The boy was afraid to begin this vision quest alone, but he listened to his grandfather’s wisdom around the fire that night and the next morning embarked on his journey to discover this knowledge.

His grandfather told him he must first find a sacred site on the land and create a circle around him to receive wisdom and knowledge from his ancestors.

Night after night he waited and although he heard many sounds that frightened him, he trusted his grandfather and on the fourth night he fell into a deep sleep and had a dream.

First a Buffalo came into the centre of the circle and said, “I am the spirit of the Buffalo and I bring you the law of respect.  Respect for yourself and others.  Respect for the land and all living creatures of mother earth.

Then an Eagle flew into the circle and said, “I, the Eagle, bring you the law of love.  This love I bring is the essence of the great spirit and is in all of creation.

A Bear then stepped forward in the circle, I, Grandfather Bear bring you the law of courage.  You will need this to overcome your fears and live your true spirit.

The Sabe arrived and stepped forward towards the boy and said, “I am Sabe.  I bring you the law of honesty.  Always be honest with yourself and others.”

The Beaver then stepped forward and said, “I, the Beaver bring you the law of wisdom.  Wisdom is knowing your gifts and using these gifts to serve your fellow beings which will bring purpose in your life.”

The wolf then appeared and stepped forward bowing his head in humbleness.  “I, the wolf bring the law of humility.  In life, you must walk in humbleness.  Never putting yourself above any of your fellow beings or in nature.  Walk gently on earth and with one another.

Finally, Grandmother Turtle arrived and slowly made her way over to the young boy in the circle.  “Beautiful grandson,” she said, “I bring you the law of truth.  I, Turtle represent woman, the giver of life.  There is suffering in this world because they have forgotten these sacred laws and are walking another path that has taken them into darkness.  When human beings finally decide to follow these seven sacred laws, only then, will there be peace.”

A story by Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Anishinabe Nation, Eagle Clan)

22 thoughts on “Seven Sacred Laws

    1. Exactly Kay! I think a vision quest should be mandatory!! Imagine what the world would be like or what we would discover about ourselves? Instead we teach our kids to use their phones to discover who they are? Quite insane really! 😬

  1. This is pure truth and total magic…. animals haven’t learnt to lie, that’s another lesson!
    And as for smartphones, great distroyers if not wisely used, my sister in law put it bluntly: If only smartphones had never been developped. My kids have access to stuff they should be protected from and see stuff they are not equipped for….

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