Magnificent Me

Until we let go of the limiting stories and beliefs that cover our light, we will never see our magnificent self waiting to arise.

K Lang

When I discovered the stories I have told myself over many years held no truth whatsoever, I began to allowΒ my authentic self to rise up and be seen.

In a daily practice of silence and reflection, I have learned to feel this truth within, and its wisdom guides me to discover the next step on my journey.

What stories or beliefs are blocking your ability to see your magnificent light and truth?

20 thoughts on “Magnificent Me

  1. Love the redesign of your site and your new offerings! Having taken a break from WordPress for the past few months, I am just now deciding if I want to regroup what I was doing as well, and I as I open up WordPress for the first time in months, I go to your site immediately as it was always important to me, and you have done the same . . . inspiring! Wishing you well, and a happy spring!

    1. It’s lovely to have you here again Heather! And It’s good to take a break and regroup. I always love your posts too. Thank you and Happy Autumn to you! πŸ‚πŸ‚

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