A Common Goal

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“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Don’t you see that the roads to Mecca are all different?

The roads are different, the goal is One. When people come there,

all quarrels or disputes or differences that happened along the road are resolved.

Those who shouted at each other along the road ‘ you are wrong’ or ‘you are an infidel’

forget their differences when they come there, because there, all hearts are in unison.


Every goal I set out to do in life, I have never achieved alone.  We all walk different paths and at different paces, but combining our unique talents together, I open doors and create dreams that I would never have completed alone.

Isolating myself only creates suffering. Being open to different backgrounds and levels of experience, expands my ideas and allows me to connect to everyone and everything on a deeper level.

25 thoughts on “A Common Goal

      1. I agree with you on most. And certainly on the example you share. But some important tasks are achieved alone. And can be deeply satisfying.

      2. Yes very true, there are some things we do alone. I see people all the time, trying to do things on their own, never asking for help, because it means being vulnerable. When we work together we can often receive exactly what we need. Thanks Dave 😀

  1. It is interesting and inspiring to see people coming together, especially in this country right now because it is so weird. People are standing up together, making their voices heard. There is a lot of power in positive intention as a group. I know what you mean, too about asking for help. It makes people feel vulnerable and weak somehow. It’s still somewhat hard for me to ask for help, but the give and receive dynamic is so good! Feels great to be helpful and feels great to receive help.

    1. So true Mary. We are all connected through life and even though at times, we feel we are the only ones, we are never alone. The sky, the mountains, even the rocks and stones are all apart of our life and the whole. Giving and receiving do feel good. Thanks for being here Mary. 💕

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