Four Principles to live by….

 Ah world, what lessons you prepare for us ……..Mary Oliver

1.  Life is precious

When we appreciate our life, focusing on what we do have and not on our problems or lack of, we can understand and deepen our gratefulness each day.

2. Impermanence

When we know and trust that everything changes and constantly evolves, we can be at peace with our life in the good situations and the bad.  Remember, no matter where you are, “This too shall pass.”

3.  Samsara

In Buddhism Samsara is sometimes thought of as a circumstance or an illusion or the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.  When we understand that everyone has suffering in their life, we can learn to let go of the illusion that we need to be perfect or everyone else is perfect and only we suffer.

Each journey is different and when we understand this, we can have compassion and patience for those around us and let go of our expectations and pressure.

4. Karma

Becoming responsible in our life for all our thoughts, beliefs and actions.  What we take from ourselves or others will be taken from us, what we give to ourselves and others will be given to us.  Becoming aware of our intentions and choices in life will keep us present.

 For the full teaching by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

45 thoughts on “Four Principles to live by….

  1. Agreed. #4, karma, wraps itself into one of mine which is do no harm. With that in mind, I try to think before I act or speak. Sometimes my mouth or actions are a bit fast on the draw, but usually I can keep to that principle of mine.

  2. A good lesson for this schoolroom called Earth. Thank you.

  3. This is such a perfect post, brings a great sense of serenity to my evening right now. Samsara is powerful, and for me along with the thought of karma makes this a very beautiful and rewarding life…makes any struggles so much easier.
    Really beautiful advice and principles to base a life ~

    1. Such a lovely comment. I love this teaching and it’s wisdom. When we have the discipline and courage to live this life, you are right, our struggles seem so much less than we believed and our gratefulness seems to expand easily! Thankyou for your thoughts Randall.

    1. Thanks Kath, Mary Oliver’s words always inspire me. I think we celebrate Easter more here in Australia than overseas ? We are at the beach this weekend and really enjoying it. I hope you have a lovely break too. I appreciate your kind comments.

      1. That sounds wonderful Karen I am heading to my mums and a big family lunch tomorrow, thats how we celebrate with family and a few laughs, will probably end up on the beach in the afternoon too!

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