Discovering our Goodness

If by taking a moment to self reflect, we realise the preciousness of our life and our connection with others, we can begin to feel the goodness that has sustained throughout all time.  Sakyong Mipham

No matter how difficult life can be at times, basic goodness is undiluted by conditions, for it cannot change.  If enough of us can feel our goodness, then, during our most challenging times, we need not break down, but actually become stronger.

There is goodness in each one of us, how much we see that in ourselves, will reflect how much we see that in each other and the world.

Yes there is fear, anger, sadness and loss in our society but there is also a lot of goodness to be shared as well.  In times of anguish, we usually want to retreat into our minds and into comforting pre-existing thoughts and patterns.  When we focus and infuse our day with good habits like patience, compassion, goodness and love, we will also find we receive the same in return.

When we are going through challenging periods in our life, trying to let go of habitual negative thoughts can be difficult and yet, we always have the power to change these thoughts.  I have found when I connect back to nature and practise stillness, I begin to see the goodness around me.  Nature allows me to see the beauty and resilience it holds and this gives me encouragement to keep trying.

Our core outlook is what will determine our steadiness and resolve in every part of our life. Becoming conscious of how you act and speak with others, will help guide you to your internal dialogue and help you understand what needs to be changed.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” – Desmond Tutu

If we are constantly complaining or putting others down to feel some illusion of power, we may be allowing fear to rule our thoughts as opposed to goodness.  The more I let go of my fear and of proving myself to others, the more accepting I became of myself and acknowledging the goodness in my life.

In becoming more accepting and tolerant of myself, I began to expand my patience and time for others.  I began to see that everyone played a part in my life and each of us has a responsibility in helping spread this goodness.

Become conscious everyday of connecting to the goodness within you.  You are worthy and unique and once you start searching and acknowledging this goodness, you will discover it everywhere.




2 thoughts on “Discovering our Goodness

  1. In the death of crisis I began getting up and watching the sunrise, every single day.
    I found peace and comfort in knowing that it would rise every morning and never let me down.

    1. Our nature comforts and connects us to the truth. That is great Elizabeth and allows you to trust again.


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