The Edge

Leza Lowitz is an award-winning writer and yoga teacher who has written a book, “Yoga Poems”  This book was inspired by her passion for yoga and a love of metaphor and imagery.  Let her words encourage you to conquer your fears and step out into the unknown with strength and courage.


Meeting the edge of the world, kissing the map of possibility, spread out beneath.

Meeting the edge of the world.  Breathe in, as deep as the earth is deep,

breathe out, as steep as the precipice. 

Hold your gaze on the unknown, hold it, know it, because it knows you and holds you. 

Feel neither fear nor wonder, just the space between what was and what could be.      

Greet the edge.  Go over it. 

Then feel for a moment, just what is………..

Leza Lowitz



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