Self-love and self-respect are often left off the list of priorities that we give ourselves.  In doing so, we forget that no-one else can reflect that self-respect or love back to us and this can leave us feeling unappreciated and burnt out.

“When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying “No” to yourself. – Paul Coelho

It took great courage for me to ask for what I wanted in life.  As I was seeking the approval of others and afraid of confrontation, I was unable to speak up and express my needs.   Because of this, I often felt angry and resentful towards family and friends, only to realise, I was angry at myself for not setting boundaries and speaking my truth.

We are our own worst enemies and we forget that every time we say “No” to our own needs and put others first, we will never feel appreciated or receive the self-respect or love we are searching for.  When we decide to love, respect and nurture our own needs first, we will begin to see others do the same and trust that life will give us what we need.

If we allow people to support us they will.  First though, we have to get over ourselves to make room for the support to come in.  This means giving up stubbornness and the refusal to ask for what we need and to be open to receive it.

Change is difficult.  Changing what you have always done and expecting what you have always expected takes time to shift.  When we come from a true, authentic, vulnerable and real place and just “ask”,  people generally will respond appropriately and positively.

“As we love ourselves more we begin to develop a higher sense of self-worth and value.  The value we place on ourselves ripples into the value we place on others.  As the internal relationships strengthens and harmonizes, so does the relationship we have with abundance.” – Paul Coelho

Everyone has the capacity to change and it is our human nature to be in a constant state of change.  When people make mistakes forgive them, as doing so raises the bar of what is possible.  When we set the bar higher for ourselves and for others to respect us, we not only call them to their greatness but ourselves to greatness as well.

It will take courage to make this change and it will confront you to face your fears of rejection and old thought patterns.  You will feel uncomfortable at first, as you begin the process of asking for what you want but be patient and kind to yourself throughout this change.

Each time you allow self-love and respect to grow within you, it will raise your feeling of worthiness and the process of asking for that which you need becomes an empowered experience as you begin to allow your true-self to shine!



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