Whatever we are feeling about another person, is an emotional energy that lies within us – Sa Silvano

We have all been guilty of anger at sometime and maybe you are angry more than your are not, but the answer to letting it go, is to confront it, find the source that triggers it and practice a discipline that helps you let it go.

How many times have we heard ourselves or others say in an angry moment, “I’m not angry?” For some reason, some of us resist admitting to ourselves that we are and this is part of the problem.  If we cannot begin with the first step of accepting that we are angry and that it is a normal emotion, then we cannot move forward in releasing it.

When an unpleasant emotion or thought arises, do not suppress it, run away from it, or deny it.  Instead, observe it and fully acknowledge it.  Being deeply honest and aware of our anger as it arises, helps us understand what triggers it in us.

When I am tired and run down I find I am more vulnerable to anger and my emotions, but with practice, I began to note there was a pattern when anger arose in me and I became aware of how long it took me to come out of it.

We all like to blame others or circumstances for our anger and yet, we have complete control over how we respond to others, as anger is not outside ourselves.  Once you become aware of this, you will note that once you are in anger, you are not living from your heart with compassion but are living in your mind.

“When you express your anger you think that you are getting anger out of your system, but that’s not true. When you express your anger, either verbally or with physical violence, you are feeding the seed of anger, and it becomes stronger in you.” Only understanding and compassion can neutralize anger. – Thich Nhat Hahn

It takes courage, strength and discipline to work through anger in our life.  Once I understood anger, I realised I had complete control of it and how long I stayed in that state.  It takes practice and patience to achieve this and like all discipline’s in life like yoga and meditation, it becomes easier overtime.

Find time throughout your week to be still and see where anger is taking energy from you.  Accept this anger and see what triggers it’s pain.  Practice forgiveness and compassion for yourself and from that place, you will be able to allow others the same.

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