I have always thought that in order for my life to be abundant I needed to visualise receiving what it was I wanted.  I would say “I deserve to be abundant” or “I allow money to flow freely to me” or “I am abundant in love or peace or happiness” etc.

And then, about a year ago in meditation I was given a vision of myself giving. Giving freely to everyone I met,  like you would if you had everything. I realised it was in giving to others and myself that I would actually find and feel the abundance I was seeking.  When I learnt that it was stepping out and giving freely of myself rather than trying to take what I deserved, abundance followed me.

“Give, give, give. In the oneness, you give to everyone, and as part of the Oneness, you give to you too” – Sa Silvano

I started to visualise in my meditation myself giving to my family, to friends, to others, I saw myself giving money to others, I saw myself giving time to myself.  I saw myself give abundance, love and time to everyone I love and met…..and overtime there was a shift.

Waiting for abundance means you are living in scarcity and fear.  Fear that you may not get what you want whether it’s a house, a family, money or love.  While you wait and live in fear, you block the abundance.

Instead of waiting for abundance to come or a feeling of giving to arise, start acting like you are abundant, start acting like you already have what you need and see how it begins to shift the barrier you have built.

As I learn more in life through my experiences, I realise that life and it’s lessons are often very simple.  We complicate our situations with busy minds and over thought-out solutions.  Giving freely and accepting easily is all you need to do.

A kind smile, a phone call, a compliment, are all ways we can give freely to others, and if we practice that a little more often instead of waiting for it to come to you, you may be surprised how quickly the universe responds back.

“The only difference between you and me are our choices.”

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