Living in our Heart

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”  – Kahlil Gibran

When I was guided by a wonderful teacher to live in my heart, I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to practice.  I was wrong.  It is extremely difficult to live in our heart and try to keep out of the constant chatter of our mind.

Choosing to live from the heart requires that we choose a higher aspect of every experience and make a conscious choice for love, surrender, peace, and joy. These energies are all available to us and they exist within each experience but it is a choice we must make willingly and intentionally everyday.

When I live from my heart I am more in tune.  I am more compassionate and somehow I have less fear and worry, but to live in my heart I have to practice stillness.  Everyday when I meditate I intentionally focus on my heart and breathe into it, I allow my heart to fill with love by thinking about the things that I love or have gratitude for.

When I feel that space, that peace, I know I am there and I try to stay there.  Its takes effort and discipline because your mind will want you to come back to its busyness.  Everyday try a little and see the difference.

Practising this love filling my heart helps me to connect to a different way of thinking and I feel calmer when I go there.  When I live too much in my mind I feel stressed, it creates thoughts I probably don’t need, it creates conversations that I haven’t yet had or it allows fear when no fear is valid.

When you live from your heart you allow your heart’s unlimited potential to expand your reality beyond the limitations of the mind and venture into what has been unknown to you until that moment.

Of course we need to be in our minds for lots of reasons but what you will find is that when you connect more and more to your heart space where love and peace are, your choices will be guided by a higher connection and you will create an easier flow in life.

“Every moment of darkness has a potential for light; every aspect of fear contains a potential for love, and every bit of sadness, pain, despair and powerlessness has the potential for higher aspects when you choose them.”

Living in your heart will energise you and allow you more room to let go and allow your mind to be free from the pain and dialogue of the past.  Find ways through breathing, yoga and meditation to connect and practice, practice, practice.

Go within your heart and find the courage to expand its knowing and embrace your highest potential so you can become this in your life and for the world.

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