When we place conditions on ourselves and others in life, we do not allow.  Fear and control keep us bound in this place of wanting to know everything and yet there are no certainties in life, only choices.

It seems to me that one of the greatest stumbling blocks in life is this constant struggle to reach, to achieve, to acquire and why we are busy doing that, we are not seeing.  We are not aware that we are blocking the flow of abundance and love coming towards us.

When we allow instead of expect, we will not be so stressed and disappointed when things don’t go according our controlled thought patterns.

Find a quiet spot in nature and just be.  Inhale and exhale deeply.  See yourself connected to everything around you and breathe.  Allow this moment to sink in and know it is the only moment you have.  Be still and know.  Visualise your dreams everyday and then let them go.  Don’t try to control how they come to you.  There is a perfect plan for all of us and in this place of stillness you will find your answers.

“With no expectations anything can become.”  – Steven Farmer

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