“We too should make ourselves empty, that the great soul of the universe may fill us with its breath.”   – Lawrence Binyon

Have you ever noticed how you are breathing?  Most of us would not be aware how much we hold our breath in times of stress, until we inhale and exhale deeply.

When stressed, our shoulders go up, our throat constricts and we breathe shallow breaths.  This overtime, starts to feel like a normal state and our bodies adjust to this shallow breathing and yet physically, we limit precious oxygen to our organs and overtime when starved of this oxygen, we eventually become sick.

How important is our breath? and yet we constantly take it for granted.  Become conscious of your breathing everyday and the intent of inhaling and exhaling, letting go of what you no longer need.  Practising this daily will give you clarity and connect you to this moment.

Below are some wonderful exercises to do in your meditation.  You will feel amazing after you have done them and will respect once again the “Breath of life.”

The Breath and Creative Thought

 The best time to program your Subconscious Mind is when you inhale.  The thought that is emanating from the brain is carried along the etheric system. Once the air enters the lungs, the blood in the lungs is oxygenated. Retaining your breath does not help to store up etheric energy, however, whilst you are holding your breath, you can use that point in time to hold strong the thought of what you wish to manifest.

 The breathing exercise below is designed to help you manifest what you want.

 Sit with your back straight, relaxed and comfortable.

Think about what it is you really want. Visualize it. Feel it. See yourself with it. Feel what it is like to have it in your life.


Now connect with your Spiritual Heart (this is to the right of your heart chakra and in line with your physical heart) and drop into the silence. Feel it. Stay with this.

Close your right nostril and inhale through the left. Exhale slowly.

Keep inhaling and exhaling out of the left nostril – 7 times in total.


Reconnect with your desire, feel, experience, visualize, affirm.

Close your left nostril and inhale through the right. Exhale slowly.

Keep inhaling and exhaling out of the right nostril – 7 times in total.

 Continue this practise for ten minutes.

Remember to affirm and visualize only whilst breathing through the right nostril.

Anytime during the day that you feel tension or anxiety arising, go to where you feel the contraction in your body and simply breathe slowly, deeply, gently,whilst your connection with the contracted energy.  Gradually this will dissolve in the spaciousness of your breath.

 “Breathing involves a continual oscillation between exhaling and inhaling, offering ourselves to the world at one moment and drawing the world into ourselves at the next…”   – David Abram



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