Tell me a story of who you are,
And see who I am in the stories I am living. And together we will remember that each of us always has a choice.  Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Humility means being honest about who you are, so that you neither inflate nor underestimate your value.  Are we true to ourselves with friends and family?  Why do we hide behind a shadow of our true potential or pretend we are something more, yet inside, feel we are no-one?

When we become aware of our inner worth, we don’t have to seek our identity outside ourselves or behave with false modesty.

Sounds easy but it’s really hard to do.  I always worried about what others thought of me, I was constantly seeking approval from anyone who would give it to me.  There are always plenty of people who want to give you their opinion but once you start relying on others to tell you how you look or should feel, you start to lose your own identity and become powerless in your decision-making.

“Life is a process of becoming. A combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” ~Anais Nin

To understand who you are, you need to be still and empty your mind regularly of  your own preconceptions.  You need to have a new understanding in the evaluation of yourself.  It took the death of my son for me to re-evaluate everything I believed in life but you don’t have to have that experience to wake you up.

There is so much to learn in life about who we are and we are given amazing resources to help us, if we look.  Dont wake up each morning saying to yourself “been there done that” because each day can bring you an awakening of your mind and spirit.  Question your own identity regularly,  “Who do I become when I am with certain friends?”  “Who am I with when I feel I can show my true self? and why?”

When I stopped pretending around my friends and family and started to be exactly who I am,  I began to see people accepting me.  It was the judgement I placed on myself everyday that was  limiting my true potential.  Others were only seeing what I was believing.  Once I changed that thought process, others changed as well.

When we understand that we have the power to choose and believe who we think we are, we can then become confident in showing our true self to others.  It gives you freedom in everything you do and there are no limitations in this truth. When we connect to that truth, we learn to trust in ourselves and life.

It’s incredibly powerful to be confident in yourself and with others.  It also liberates others to see that it can be done.  Dont waste another day hiding this wonderful person that you are!  The world needs you.

You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust
You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness
You were born with wings. Learn to use them and fly!  RUMI

3 thoughts on “Humility

  1. Karen, I really love this blog about Humility. I too have let go of many preconceived ideas about the importance of what people are thinking about me. To be comfortable in ones skin is a difficult yet rewarding process. I still struggle with it at times and every now and then someone can catch me out and hurt me but overall when you have a clear self worth you can become invincible. This does not mean disregarding consequences but just being my true self.

    Since John died I have had to really reassess this because I was no longer someone’s wife, I was a widow. I would wonder ‘what is a widow supposed to be like?’ Then I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I had to ask a similar question. Now I am learning just to be me. I am still a widow and still have MS but they do not define me. It is all a work in progress.

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