I’m not broken

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“I am not broken.  I am transitioning.  Be patient with me” – Karen Lang

When we move through, changes, transformations and healing, it can feel uncomfortable and difficult, and those around us can feel like they need to fix it.

Science has shown when we interfere with the caterpillar or the cocoon to help the butterfly emerge, we risk compromising important processes that strengthen the butterfly to open their wings and release freely.

Western society encourages quick fixes and we are impatient for people to move through their grief, pain and sickness.  Often we don’t know why we face difficult situations, but from what I have learned, this inward transitioning like the butterfly, allows us to grow in courage, strength and resilience and this gives us essential tools to cope and survive through change and impermanence.

So next time we are with someone who is facing a difficult challenge, our job is not to fix them or change the situation, but rather, support them, be patient and listen. 

This way they will discover they have everything they need within, to grow their wings and learn to fly.

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33 thoughts on “I’m not broken

  1. Getting over difficult times, stress and trauma takes a very long time and healing takes even longer. It happens to each persons personality and in their own time, so we must support them, but we need to give them that time and space to heal a their own pace. Exactly correct Karen. Thank you for your post. God Bless 🙂 ❤

  2. Karen, this is lovely. So true, I remember going through periods of touch change, and all other people can do is listen and be there, and that’s what I do when the tables are turned. So great to read your latest uplifting work. Anita

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