Love Yourself


Kim McMillen is the author of a beautiful handmade book that started off as a gift for her family and friends.  It is called “When I loved myself Enough” and I wanted to share the precious gift she offers us.  It will touch your heart and expand the love you can have for yourself.

For many years Kim lived with a guarded heart.  She writes about how she did not know how to extend love and compassion to herself.  Over the years she struggled with self-doubt and self-criticism and decided to devote herself to self-compassion.

As she grew to love all of who she was, life started changing in beautiful and mysterious ways.  Her heart softened and she began to see her life through very different eyes.  Overtime, she recognised that loving herself, made all things possible.  Below is some of her precious wisdom.

“When I loved myself enough, I came to know my own goodness”

“When I loved myself enough, I quit settling for too little”

“When I loved myself enough, I began to know I was in the right place and the right time, and I could relax”

“When I loved myself enough, I felt compelled to slow down – way down.  And that has made all the difference”

“When I loved myself enough, I began feeling such relief”

“When I loved myself enough, I learned to stop what I am doing, if even for a moment, and comfort the part of me that is sacred”

“When I loved myself enough, I forgave myself for all the times I thought I wasn’t good enough”

Her writing is heartfelt and holds great insight.  It touches a longing in us all to be kinder and more caring to ourselves.

Kim McMillen died suddenly in September of 1996 at the age of fifty-two years, just a few short months after writing this book.  She was not ill and did not know she was going to die.

Her beautiful daughter Alison, continues to publish this book out of her home and continues to be inspired by the amazing response she receives from others.

When you love yourself enough you will find life is filled with inspiration and in turn you will receive the gifts of love back to you.  Life is too precious not to start today.




4 thoughts on “Love Yourself

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. It is a beautiful book and every time I open it, it reminds me to love myself more deeply and I thank Kim for her wisdom. Xx

    1. You are welcome. Thankyou for stopping by. Working for the whole is challenging and yet, when we understand that it benefits each one of us to work more efficiently and positively, then its worth the effort.


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