Go Beyond

Staying in the comfort of  our life, work and home is really okay if that is where you are meant to be, but if you feel stagnate or bored or too scared to change your circumstances,  you may be missing out on amazing opportunities and experiences in life.

Study, learn a new hobby, move house, travel to an exotic location, volunteer overseas or just do something completely opposite to what you normally do. Why? because it pushes us out of our comfort zone and gives us opportunities to expand and discover the amazing potential we are holding back.

“Open yourself to ideas, events, relationships that make you uncomfortable. Travel places where you know no one. Learn another language. Create art, even though you’re not an artist. Argue with people. Fall down. Get up. Read books, all sorts of books”. – Juan Williams

First acknowledge your fears about change.  Write down why you feel you cannot do or start something new and then explore reasons why and  “why not?”

Challenge yourself to learn something different every year and see it through.  It’s wonderful to feel the sense of achievement and completion and to expand your mind to new ways of thinking.

Write a bucket list.  Time is short and precious, so start imagining what it is you want to achieve or have never done and set some goals for when and how.

Keep challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone. The task remains for you to continually grow and create another set of opportunities to pursue productive discomfort.

The more we step out into the unknown, the more we face our fears and grow.  Comfort is just an illusion and excuse that prevents us from changing our circumstances.

There is so much learn, so much to experience, so don’t waste another minute!! Today is a brand new opportunity to begin.

3 thoughts on “Go Beyond

    1. Thanks Jen for visiting my blog and for the reblog.

      You are a great writer and have a lot to give others!


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