The Answer

“At the centre of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” – Lao Tzu

Have you ever doubted yourself? and thought that someone else will probably know what to do instead of you?  I have been in this position so often and forget that when I look within and trust, that I hold the wisdom and knowledge to find the answer.

Trusting that we know what’s best is really from a conditioned thought process, long-established before we were able to make decisions.  If we grew up having to make the decisions in our family or felt natural at doing it, you probably trust that you know what do to.

On the other hand, if we grew up not sure of who we were, or grew up not knowing the immense potential we hold, we are more likely to seek rather than find.

It takes experience to trust ourselves to know what is best.  Once we practice stepping out into the unknown and make those decisions blindly, whether they are right or wrong, it is then we learn, how far and how wide we limit ourselves and our potential.

Going against the tide is no easy task but alas, it is much, MUCH, better than going with the flow the wrong way.

It’s sometimes scary to decide to go against what seems wrong or uncomfortable to someone else and yet, it is in those decisions that you will find yourself and become confident with what is right for you.

Staying on the ordinary course or walking a different course will always be your choice.  It’s not that you cannot seek advice or mentoring about your decisions, it’s about making them based on what is true for you and nobody else.

We are all so very different and unique, we all offer the most amazing gifts to each other and the universe.  Once you understand your natural gifts and how they can be used in your life, you will then feel the flow of life and begin to see how much wisdom you hold beneath those doubts.

     We are what we think.
Everything we are arises from our thoughts.
With our thinking we create the world. 




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