Ability to Respond

“How we respond to each and every circumstance in life, whether it is good or bad will determine a negative or positive future.”

The ability to respond to the Present is to seek the beauty of every moment that we are given.  Using our gifts, talents and abilities for the greatest good of all seems like a huge task and yet when we break it down to what we can do right in this moment, we find it isn’t as daunting as we once thought.

The ability to respond to the Future lies in understanding and living in the present.  When we understand that our thoughts and actions everyday affect the survival and well-being of the next seven generations to come, we begin to realise the importance of everything we do and say and know we are not the only ones to consider in the decision process.

Every thought and feeling affects our life and those around us. We are the example and the role model to our children and to society in how we act and treat others and ourselves.

If we wish to influence the future, we need to respond now.  We can longer put off those decisions or changes we need to make, due to laziness or apathy.  We all have the courage and the ability to make these changes if we want and when we take time to practice being still and silent, you will receive the answers and the strength you need.

“If we give our life as a wholehearted response to love, then love will wholeheartedly respond to you.”

The buck stops with us.  How your life unfolds in the future is a ripple effect of the decisions you make today.  Take time to work out how you can be the change you wish to see in the world and in your own life and know that your hard work and the time you give to those changes will be worth it.

“Life….It responds to our outlook and thoughts and shapes itself to meet our expectations.”

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