Ripple Effects

“It is easy to believe we are each waves and forget we are also the ocean.” ― Jon J. Muth

It’s always the little things in life that create ripple effects on ourselves and others.  When we become aware of the little things we do and say each day and begin to appreciate the power they have on others, we learn to become conscious of our thoughts and actions and make decisions for the whole and not just for ourselves.

“Make everyday count, appreciate and cherish every moment and grab everything you possibly can, because you may never be able to experience it again.”

We when take responsibility for our life and realise that our actions will create a negative or positive effect, it can help us understand to “think before we act.”  For example, you are at the shops and a lady pushes in front of you and you feel annoyed, but perhaps you don’t tell her that she was wrong and so you hold this anger for her and instead of forgiving her, you take it out on the kids later on.

It’s the decision you make in the moment that will impact your day and sometimes your life forever.  On a larger scale, an example of the ripple effect would be the “Boston Bombings” and how the decision of two men changed the life of every person who was at the marathon.

“There are no rewinds in life, only flashbacks.  Make sure every moment is precious.”

How we react to every situation is important and powerful.  We cannot know what story or pain the person behind the checkout or the person behind the wheel is carrying and so when we treat them with compassion and respect we are allowing a ripple effect that will change people’s lives and our own forever.

Pay attention and become aware of your day-to-day thoughts and choices.  Make a conscious decision to be compassionate towards others, even if others seem aggressive or dismissive towards you.  Learn to be patient and kind even when you feel the opposite.

Try to see the best in every situation.  Know that we each play a part in the web of life and that every decision has a ripple effect.  Sharing a simple smile, helping someone in need or offering a random act of kindness can and does make a difference in the world, so each day make the right choices for yourself and others.

“Don’t hesitate to live every moment out of your life in the best way you can, because living is once, chances are rare…..and nothing is certain.”

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