The door is Open….

Image result for pictures of being in a prison with the doors open

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Move outside the tangle and fear-thinking.  The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”



It’s amazing how our self-limiting and fear-based beliefs can create a prison within, blocking us from seeing the open door that leads us out and into infinite possibilities.

Where do our old stories and fears, limit our ability to move through the door and live a fulfilled life?

How can we let go of our fear of failure and step out in courage into the unknown, seeking, what is seeking us?

“A young man worked as a runner in an advertising firm.  One day he said to the manager, “I’m leaving.  I’m going to be a drummer.”

The manager said, “I didn’t know you played the drums?”

The young man replied, “I don’t, but I’m going to!”

A few years later that young man played with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce and the band was called ‘Cream’ and his name was Ginger Baker.

He became what he wanted to become, before he knew he could do it.”

The door is open.  Go through it while you can.

20 thoughts on “The door is Open….

    1. I agree Carrie and it was only after I let go of the past stories that I was able to see the open door and discover the courage within to step through! ✨☀️🌈

    1. They do indeed and I keep walking through the door because I’m sick of those stories and the waves! 🏄🏾🏄🏾. Don’t you get sick of telling those stories Mr K?

  1. Totally agree, also with Carrie’s comment – I apply another word of doors: God (or anyone) can open the door for you but you have to go through it yourself.
    Great post and lovely photo. I have a few like yours too, from different countries – you just have to hold the camera very low and point it upwards – it really hits you when you see the positive result, the blue sky, the clouds, the sun shining through!

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